Booking Terms and Conditions 

  1. It is the responsibility of anyone hiring the hall to ensure they have appropriate public liability insurance.

  2. All users must carry out a risk assessment for the particular activity they are undertaking, to access the suitability of any areas of the building they are intending to use.

  3. Should any accident occur this must be recorded in the accident book (located in the kitchen). One copy of the accident report should be kept by the user of the hall and the other needs to be placed securely in the post-box on the outside of the hall by the front door for the hall to keep as a record. If any accident occurs it must also be reported to Karen Steer on 07768 342752 at the time of the incident.

  4. A first aid kit is situated in the kitchen and is provided for emergency use only, all users of the hall should provide their own first aid kit and be suitably qualified first aiders if required.

  5. Should any damage occur to the building or its contents this must be reported in the damage report log (held in the kitchen). Any damage caused during use will be liable to costs for replacement or repair.

  6. Should any fire extinguisher be used this must be reported immediately to Karen Steer on 07768 342752 and if this has not been used for the purpose of putting out a fire the user will be liable for the cost of replacement.

  7. Use of the carpark is entirely at the owners risk.

  8. Please keep noise to a minimum and respect our neighbours.


Emergency Procedure

In the event of a fire all persons in the building must leave by the nearest fire exit and meet in the car park at the designated meeting point. Please ensure all persons stay at the meeting point until the person responsible for your group has accounted for you all. Each hirer of the hall is responsible for their group in the event of an emergency and must ensure all those attending are aware of the fire procedure.

Call the emergency services. The full address of the hall is Wellow Village Hall, Buttons Lane, West Wellow, Romsey, Hants, SO51 6BR.

When leaving the building please shut windows and doors if safe to do so.

Please do not attempt to tackle the fire unless you are competent and fully trained to do so.

Before leaving the hall after your session

  • Please ensure all tables and chairs are left stacked in stable piles and all chair stacks are facing the wall. Ensure all fire exits are accessible.

  • Ensure all lights have been turned off and curtains have been left open. 

  • Ensure all tables and chairs are wiped clean if required.

  • Ensure the kitchen is left clean and tidy.

  • Ensure all floors are swept and rubbish is appropriately disposed of.

  • Ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked as appropriate.