Wellow Village Hall was built in 1980 with the support of grants and local contributions.  The land was donated by the Locke family and refurbishments have been carried out in recent years, including the addition of an extension which is the local Parish Council office.  There is a large car park, outside patio and a large grassed enclosed area.
The hall is owned by a charitable trust and is managed by a Committee of Trustees, independent of the Parish Council, all are volunteers who live locally.  These include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Bookings Secretary.

With their range of professional knowledge, they are able to administer the complex to its best advantage, including general maintenance and maximum letting to generate sufficient income to cover the substantial overheads.

The village hall is used in the Parish for social and leisure activities and is an important Community centre.  The range of activities is varied, and a list with days and times for anyone looking for a recreational pastime is available.  The village hall is a hive of activity and is an important facility which contributes to the community.

The Main Hall is ideal for a variety of events including parties, receptions and any memorable function.  The feature of an outside patio and an enclosed rear garden with access from the Main Hall, are an added advantage.  The additional rooms at the hall can be used for small groups, lectures or small parties.   It is also a venue that can accommodate pack holidays with local attractions of the New Forest nearby to enhance their stay.